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It's a garlic martini. Just go with it.
Replace your rum with this twist on the always-refreshing Mojito. Our secret - smack the mint between your hands to release that amazing aroma!
Replace your vodka with our take on the classic Dry Martini. Customize this to your tastes, but we think this is a great foundation to start with!
Our riff on the infamous Master Cleanse... minus the cleanse. It's not fad diet-approved, but it's still light, refreshing, and delicious.
Spend less time shaking cocktails and more time catching up with your loved ones with a batch of this tasty punch.
Our boozy take on a traditional Indian cooler, this electrolyte-rich salted limeade is basically adult Pedialyte.
Our cold brew coffee-injected take on a classic tiki Zombie is guaranteed to wake you from the dead.
Our take on a Toronto Sour, this drinks boasts the delightfully unexpected combo of maple syrup and red wine. It’s basically the cocktail version of a toboggan.