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The best espresso martini is made with our Cold Brew Coffee moonshine.
Our Cold Brew and rum Negroni variation is sure to liven up any party–in this life or the afterlife.
Okay, you know we had to give you our rendition of the infamous PSL. This more elevated version is our hot take on a classic Ramos Gin Fizz.
Replace your gin with our invigorating take on the Negroni, featuring our Cold Brew Coffee infusion.
Spend the Valentine's Day doing what youactuallylove the most: drinking cocktails and talking trash with your BFFs. We highly suggest whipping up this coffee-tinged Mexican hot chocolate to invite in some old school slumber party vibes. Whipped cream is mandatory; casting spells is optional.
We took everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure drink, added our Cold Brew Coffee ‘shine, and swapped out the subsequent dairy discomfort to create the literal perfect guilt-free cocktail.
Okay, we know eggnog can be polarizing – but you NEED to try ours. This recipe can be taken in three different directions by using either our Peppermint Patty, Pumpkin Pie, or Cold Brew Coffee infusion (plus a little dark rum) to give this ‘nog the sweet jolt you need to get through the holidays in one piece.
This invigorating 1980s cocktail recipe has made a comeback recently, so we've revamped it with a seasonal twist courtesy of our own Peppermint Patty infusion.
Bitter and tropical flavors come together in perfect harmony in this tasty revamp of Laura Lee's delicious twist on a 70's tiki classic.