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All Southerners know that nothing hits quite as hard as an ice-cold sweet tea on a sunny day. That's why this recipe is simple and straight to the point - no fuss or fancy ingredients!
Replace your vodka with our take on the classic Dry Martini. Customize this to your tastes, but we think this is a great foundation to start with!
The Moscow Mule gets the ultimate makeover in this upgraded version that swaps vodka out for our brand-new Yuzu Ginger infusion.
We took everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure drink, added our Cold Brew Coffee ‘shine, and swapped out the subsequent dairy discomfort to create the literal perfect guilt-free cocktail.
Don’t let this lil pink number fool you. Our citrus-packed play on a pomegranate martini is as powerful as it is pretty.
This invigorating 1980s cocktail recipe has made a comeback recently, so we've revamped it with a seasonal twist courtesy of our own Peppermint Patty infusion.
Pumpkin and ginger find perfect harmony in this easy, spooky-season-inspired riff on the classic Moscow Mule.
With our Blackberry Vanilla infusion and two easy ingredients, you can whip up this bright, refreshing, fall-inspired take on the classic Moscow Mule.
Sometimes your boss asks you to do something you just don't want to do. However, my boss is cooler than yours and just asked me to feature this simple cocktail recipe. So you can thank him for this understated, yet insanely tasty cocktail that can be mixed right into the can.