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Foamy, refreshing, and floral - this fizz is seriously the shizz. We opt to keep the orange blossom water from the original Ramos Gin Fizz, but since Lemon Lavender packs enough botanicals on its own, it's not a requirement.
Sweet citrus and bold botanicals find perfect harmony together in this take on a Salty Dog. The salted rim helps to bind all the flavors together, so we don't recommend skipping it!
Our botanical take on the elegant White Negroni, this cocktail tastes like a walk through the French countryside.
Our Lemon Lavender finds its perfect home inside this twist on the classic Aviation that will have you soaring to new heights with its bright and floral flavor combo.
Our botanical twist on the classic French 75 combines our Lemon Lavender infusion and bubbly for an absolutely delightful brunch cocktail or afternoon refresher.
This little spritz feels like the fresh start we all need. Customize it a million different ways by picking your bubbles of choice and garnishing with whatever fresh fruits or herbs you can find.
Sweet, zesty, bright, and botanical - this simple, yet refined take on a Bee's Knees has got it all. Oh, and whipping it up is a walk in the park!