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Belle Isle Bourbon - Artist Series 2023


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Purchase a bottle of Artist Series 2023 AND the Ed Trask Poster and you'll receive a SIGNED BOTTLE BY ED TRASK HIMSELF!


Experience the exclusive blend of art and spirits with our new limited edition bourbon, featuring a unique label designed by renowned Richmond artist Ed Trask.

  • Limited Edition: With only 5,921 bottles available, each one is a collectible, numbered as a testament to its uniqueness.
  • Collectible Bottle: The ‘Artist Series 2023’ is just the beginning. Next year, we plan to feature a different artist and a different bourbon, making each year’s release a unique addition to any collection.
  • Artistic Collaboration: This year, we've collaborated with the nationally acclaimed artist Ed Trask, known for his vibrant and emotive works. Each bottle features a unique label, turning every sip into an artful experience.
  • Charitable Cause: We're not just about exceptional bourbon; we're about making a difference. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold will support the ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, helping to bring joy and support to those in need.

Read the story of our bourbon here!

Tasting Notes: Warm vanilla aroma up front, followed by notes of caramel, baking spice. and dried apricot. Finishing notes of English toffee, toasted almonds, and dark cocoa.

Process: Distilled using a Vendome Copper and Brassworks continuous still, and aged in Virginia for 5 years using new American oak casks, all grains have been sourced from the Northern Neck Peninsula. At 107 Proof, it strikes a balance between preserving the robust character and not overwhelming the palate. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
J.W. (Midlothian, VA)
Great Bourbon

Belle Isle does it again, this stuff is smooth and a great bottle to display. Way to go guys!

Brian Alas (Midlothian, VA)
BICS Does It Again

Love the artwork of the bottle and gives it character that stands out on the shelf compared to other bourbons. Hard to believe this is 107 proof with how smooth the finish is. Belle Isle continues to put our a premium product!

Terri Behr (Richmond, VA)
It was a gift

So I don’t know.

Gary (Washington, DC)

good sip and nice art for the bar

Nick Lupini (Glen Allen, VA)

The bottle and the bourbon are fantastic.