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Forget leaving out milk and cookies. This tasty recipe is what Santa really wants this year.
The bartender's handshake, but make it festive. We combine the best of both spirits to make this bold and tasty 50/50 shooter.
This easy recipe is the perfect wake-me-up for your holiday brunch.
This simple and tasty cocktail will get you through the coldest winter night, so keep your favorite hot cocoa stocked in your pantry and a bottle of Peppermint Patty on your bar cart.
Okay, we know eggnog can be polarizing – but you NEED to try ours. This recipe can be taken in three different directions by using either our Peppermint Patty, Pumpkin Pie, or Cold Brew Coffee infusion (plus a little dark rum) to give this ‘nog the sweet jolt you need to get through the holidays in one piece.
Our seasonal Peppermint Patty infusion and raspberry liqueur find perfect harmony in this tasty, rich flip recipe. Opt for our favorite double-shake method to achieve maximum frothiness.
Our condensed and boozy version of the famous Shamrock Shake! Some things are just meant to be shared, and this shooter is one of 'em.
This invigorating 1980s cocktail recipe has made a comeback recently, so we've revamped it with a seasonal twist courtesy of our own Peppermint Patty infusion.
We're not really sure how this recipe works either, but trust us. It just does.