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Okay, we know eggnog can be polarizing – but you NEED to try ours. This recipe can be taken in three different directions by using either our Peppermint Patty, Pumpkin Pie, or Cold Brew Coffee infusion (plus a little dark rum) to give this ‘nog the sweet jolt you need to get through the holidays in one piece.

Boozy milkshakes might not be a common cocktail to whip up, but this decadent Pumpkin Pie shake is worth pulling out the blender for.

Ain’t nothing wrong with loving a little PSL moment. This simple but delicious recipe can be served hot or iced and customized to your preferences, so go ahead and get wild with it!
This category of cocktails dates all the way back to the late 1600s, but we’re bringing it into 2021 with our variation that utilizes our Pumpkin Pie infusion, amaretto, a whole egg, and a two-step shake method to achieve maximum foaminess.
We might have just created the perfect pre-feast aperitivo. This pumpkin-infused Negroni is sure to be a smash hit at your Thanksgiving festivities.
Pumpkin and ginger find perfect harmony in this easy, spooky-season-inspired riff on the classic Moscow Mule.