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The key to life is balance, and the key to avoiding hangovers is hydration. Lucky for you, this perfectly simple cocktail featuring our tiki-inspired infusion has both.
Can you reach me? No, you can't. Jet off to a tropical island with this tasty cocktail that combines bright and bitter flavors with the smooth taste of Belle Isle Pineapple Coconut, all mixed directly into a can of LaCroix.
Bitter and tropical flavors come together in perfect harmony in this tasty revamp of Laura Lee's delicious twist on a 70's tiki classic.
We're taking things back to basics with one of the best cocktail recipes known to man. Forget the pre-mixed stuff - all you need for this simple and sublime drink is our latest infusion, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup.
If Honolulu was on the James, this tasty cocktail is what you'd get. Sweet, citrusy, bright, and blue - this recipe from 50s gets a modern spin thanks to our Pineapple Coconut infusion.
Our tiki-inspired interpretation of this lesser-known Manhattan variation delivers a simple, yet elegant cocktail that's bright and warm up front, then rich and complex the more you sip.
This classic recipe gets a tiki twist by combining our refreshing and juicy Pineapple Coconut infusion with rich raspberry and rose flavors, resulting in a perfectly balanced summer cocktail.