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Our Spicy Hurricane splits the rum with Belle Isle Honey Habanero for a more balanced version with a hint of heat.
We added Belle Isle Honey Habanero to the New Orleans classic Sazerac for a spicy, modern update. 
Try our spicy take on a classic Clover Club cocktail made with Belle Isle Honey Habanero.
Our take on a classic tequila recipe, the Pineapple Express combines the sweet heat of Belle Isle Honey Habanero with bright citrus flavors to create a cocktail that tastes like sunshine in a glass.
Warm up with this perfect fall sipper made with our Belle Isle Honey Habanero moonshine.
I ain’t afraid of no Midori Sour.
Replace your tequila with this "hot" take on the classic Margarita, featuring our Honey Habanero infusion.
If you’ve been in an LTR for a few years, you probably just want to cut the filler and skip right to the good stuff: a box of chocolates, cuddling on the couch, and a few simple, delicious cocktails. Tryour spicy play on a strawberry margarita to heat things up a bit!
Calling all snowbirds! This tropical Honey Habanero cocktail will give you all of the Tiki vibes without all the sugar.