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Warm up with this perfect fall sipper made with our Belle Isle Honey Habanero moonshine.
I ain’t afraid of no Midori Sour.
Replace your tequila with this "hot" take on the classic Margarita, featuring our Honey Habanero infusion.
If you’ve been in an LTR for a few years, you probably just want to cut the filler and skip right to the good stuff: a box of chocolates, cuddling on the couch, and a few simple, delicious cocktails. Tryour spicy play on a strawberry margarita to heat things up a bit!
Calling all snowbirds! This tropical Honey Habanero cocktail will give you all of the Tiki vibes without all the sugar.
What’s even better than frozen rosé? Frozen rosé with an extra Honey Habanero kick.
Why choose one cocktail when you can have two? You can’t get more “peak summer” than this piña colada/strawberry daiquiri hybrid.
This Virginia Beach classic gets a spicy twist thanks to our award-winning Honey Habanero infusion.
If you want to get in on the St. Patty's Day fun but your tastes run a little more high brow than green beer, the Spicy Frenchman is right up your alley.