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Belle Isle Blood Orange

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Infused with real blood oranges from California and Arizona.

Product specs: 750ml | 70 Proof (35% ABV) | Gluten-free | Made with organic alcohol

Nutritional info (per 1 oz): 56 calories | 2.2g carbs | 2.1g sugars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Customer (Richmond, VA)
Tried It For The First Time and LOVED IT!!!!

I tried it for the first time at my local hangout and I LOVED IT!!!!! It was the first moonshine that I have ever had and it did not disappoint. There was enough blood orange flavor to give it a nice taste, but was not too strong.

Lorenzo Winston (Richmond, VA)

Best that I have ever had !

Gary McQuillen (Newport News, VA)

Usually when ya drink shine you think of the gut burning fire. Not with this. The taste is amazing , hits the pallet well but proof is enough that you still know you’re drinking shine.

Elizabeth R (Mechanicsville, VA)
Shared with International Friends

Had the opportunity to gift the Blood Orange to Dutch friends in Aruba, they finished it in leas than a week, they were big fans (as am I!!)

J.J. (Fairfax, VA)
Delicious, with a nice kick!

A fantastic rich flavor. I'll be ordering this again! Thank you, Belle Isle! :)