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(4-Pack) Honey Hab Lemonade

4-pack of our Honey Hab Lemonade Canned Cocktail. Made with our award-winning Honey Habanero moonshine, real lemon, and a burst of bubbles - all combined in a ready-to-drink canned cocktail.

Product specs: 12 oz. | 5% ABV | Gluten-free | Made with organic alcohol

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Keri Fail (Glen Allen, VA)
lemon heat excellence

Love the flavor (as did my family) for cocktails in a can on the beach. This went fast!

Michael Damon (Glen Allen, VA)
One of the best out there!!

You just can’t beat the taste and uniqueness of this product. I’ve never had anything like it. Keep on crushing it Belle Isle

Michele Richey (Colerain, NC)
Tasty refreshing beverage

I love this!! I’m not a fan of seltzers so this really works for me. The honey habanero flavor is so subtly warm! This is going to be my drink of the summer!!!

Seth Penick (Lansdowne, PA)
Great stuff!

Fantastic job across the board!

Cecily Slasor (Norfolk, VA)

This is a Christmas gift so I can’t provide a review. 🙂. However, service and delivery was excellent!